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Fire Consultancy Services

Safetyform are an independent fire safety consultancy specialising in the delivery of all your fire safety requirements to ensure compliance with UK fire safety legislation and to provide peace of mind that your premises are safe.

Our approach is simple and easy to understand.

Our process includes:

  • A visit to your premises to gain an understanding of what it is you do.
  • Identify the hazards from fire associated with your undertakings.
  • Look at who might be harmed in the event of a fire and how.
  • Assess your current fire safety control measures to ensure they are adequate and comply with the law.
  • We will provide recommendations on other areas we feel you could improve on your fire safety.
  • All this contained in one simple to read and easy to understand report.

Of course, there are legislative requirements for which you must comply, but we will take the politics out of this for you and ensure you are fully compliant.

Fire Safety Services

Our fire safety consultants are highly skilled & trained professionals with many years of experience in fire safety management.

As a client you have a duty to meet your statutory obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO). Safetyform offer a wide range of services which can assist you in complying with your duties under the RRO and at affordable prices.

The strength of the services we offer lies in the wide spectrum of experience and knowledge of our team of consultants in delivering:

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Compartmentation Surveys
  • Fire Door Inspections
  • Fire Strategies
  • Fire Safety Policies & Procedures
  • Fire Evacuation Procedures

Why not contact us today to discuss all your fire safety requirements?