Consultancy from Safetyform

Managing Health and Safety in any size organisation can be complex and fraught with uncertainty and this can often lead to overly detailed plans that are costly to execute, involve layers of supply chain, with each supplier claiming to deliver compliance and peace of mind.

But are you confident that your plan is proportionate, cost effective and sufficiently controlling risks to your business?

Having been in this exact position and worked with businesses large and small, there are some key but challenging questions we ask:

  • Have you recently ‘kicked the tyres’ on your arrangements/plan?
  • Would a fresh, independent view be the smart thing to do at this time?
  • What if a supplier’s level of competence was not consistently applied once the contract was awarded?
  • Are reported compliance figures robust or are they flawed and can I trust them?
  • Are you confident that all your arrangements are sensible, required and achieve your aims or do they just tick a box?
  • Are you willing to accept poor levels of customer service delivery from safety suppliers that exposes your organisation to risk?

We are experienced in helping organisations answer the critical assurance questions faced by all diligent employers.

Whether your organisation is BSOHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, working towards it or choosing to adopt your own standards, we can help identify gaps or areas for improvement, whilst remaining independent.

Our impartial advice and guidance will help reduce costs, simplify arrangements and help reduce layers of complexity so you can get on with providing a safe, healthy and positive workplace.